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Legendary Gears are extremely rare and valuable gears that will allow the wearer to use a unique skill. 

Unlike Basic Gears or Epic Gears, a Legendary Gear does not have a corresponding Hero. The Gear itself is unique in its design and the skill is even more powerful than the Epic Gear's.

Currently Legendary Gears are only available in Treasure Capsules. At times they can also be obtained through event prizes or purchased from the shop from limited offers.
School Uniform
Skill: Study Time
Make nearby enemies study (Stop: ASD)

Bunny Ears

Skill: Triple Jump
Triple jump and attack in the air

Angelic Wings

Skill: Low Flight
Slow down the fall speed when you’re in the air (Hold A)

Howling Blades
Skill: Blade Dash
Quick dash and slash the enemies ahead

Elec Guitar

Skill: Rock N Roll
Make nearby fans go insane!

Priest’s Biretta

Skill: Summon
Summon the target to your current position
Priest's Robe
Skill: Ascension
Lifts nearby enemies high up in the air. 
Skill: Minigun
Auto-aim and shoots nearby enemies.
Pharoah's Crown
Skill: Petrify
Turn your enemy into stone.
Servant Outfit
Skill: Vacuum
Bring your foe closer with a powerful vacuum cleaner.
Fire Orb
Skill: Flame Spirit
Summon a Flame Spirit that follows you.
Skill: Kite
Blow your enemies away with a kite
Skill: Bazooka
Shoots a missle across the map
Monk's Robe
Skill: Blast
Blast away your surrounding (usuable during attack/jump)
Angelic Halo
Skill: Angel's Blessing
Ultimate protection from all kinds of attacks
Vampire Mask
Skill: Blood Drain
Drain opponent's Health and gain.
Skill: Mass Teleport
Teleport an area to another area.
Devil's Wings
Skill: Devil's Wings
Shoot multiple bats to attack enemies
Dark Angelic Wings
Skill: Low Flight
Slow down the fall speed when you're in the air (hold A)
Pumpkin Head
Skill: Pumpkins
Throw a pumpkin to spread the Halloween spirit!
Soccer Uniforms (Red & Blue)
Skill: Cannon Shot
Shoots a powerful soccer ball.
Gyro Bomber
Skill: Gyro Bomb
Fly in the air and drop multiple bombs
Flame Thrower
Skill: Flame Thrower
Produce flame (AS to stop)
Hurricane Hat
Skill: Hurricane
Blows your enemies away with a hurricane
Tornado Robe
Skill: Tornado
Blow your enemies away with a tornado
Skill: Skills
Hit an opponent multiple times.
Fire Suit
Skill: Hydrant
Shoots water from the hydrant (ASD to stop)


Rare Item LostSaga